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On The Rise

by Atomic Perception

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That's Phat! 01:19
That's Phat! Bring It Back Cracker Jack
Get A Job 01:15
Why should I get a job? Should I?
Cut me some slack. Some slack...some slack.
The hi-hat. The hi-hat awe.
Time The flash Billboards techno bikes and shiny painted warriors Billboards techno bikes
Consciousness is on the rise. Except! My Blood Red Tape....tape.
This Tuesday evening. Ah yeah were rocking' it up Ah yeah were rocking' it up On this Tuesday evening For all you all sitting outside listen to us jam, jam. On this Tuesday evening Ah yeah were rocking' it up
You get up and you go to the same job. You eat the same food...the same food. And it's all the same game.
Nothin'...nothin'...nothin' inside. Today I got a fortune cookie with nothin' inside. (Bring it back!)
My mind in the middle of Seoul.
My TV Screen 01:36
All I can seem to do is stare at my TV screen.
Dirty Job 01:20
Dirty Job Slow Rubber Skin Blubber Doin' your job, doin' your job, doin' your dirty job.
Me being a psychologist I understand this I understand this. But you can't help yourself So you're perfect.
Are you going? Left, left, left, left and right. And right...
Space, space Battle in outer space.
Debbie's Car 01:57
Flabby as my thighs...hangover. Backseat of Debbie's car. Just like my mammy used to wear. Before the war when men were men.
A Nest 01:13
A nest in a dream. In a dream.
A laugh...too free. A laugh too free. Get your face out of my ear.
Waxy Grin 01:06
Eeny meeny miny moe. Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers let him go. Just let him go. Departing with a rather waxy grin. A waxy grin. Making friends with your mind. Instead of fucking with another.
Awake Chokin' a on keep just they Mine All is them glad There make, mistake Smokin' on on Wearing Dream And rappers Just like one of them
Control Don't don't don't take Don't take control. Control. Take control. Don't take control.
I Lost It 00:28
Yeah! I lost it. We don't remember the words.
This goes out to you. By the pricking of my thumbs. Something wicked this way comes.
Dreams that find a way. My contemporary. Kissing my mind. There came a day.
Pass A Levy 01:16
This is a proposal to pass a levy For farmers This is a proposal to pass a levy To pass a levy for farmers And the government seems to be trying to ignore the pleas of the citizens As if they know it has something to do with the farmers grain prices Farmers grain prices.
Riverside, riverside. And getting what I wanted.
Luscious laval land. Do do lava land.
I saw. Listen...listen. I was in this era. I tripped to this all the time. I tripped to this. I was in this era. I know. Bass!
Gold and gleaming of. Gold and gleaming. You could not tell it by his rock hard face. So many young beautiful women. I was quite perplexed also.
Kissing my mind Kiss Kissing my mind kissing There came a day There came a day
Make a man Make a man Make a man lose his head
Get It! 01:13
It's full effect And your saxophone... Get your drum...get it. Get it. And your saxophone... Get your drum. Come on.
Ya Man's coming back to you from inside your brain Oh Ya Man - Oh Ya Man Ya Man's coming soon So what do you say Ya Man? Ya the mood changes so it's easy to say That Ya Man's not too far away I can feel it like the wind Ya Man is here - Ya Man's reaching out It's a world that obeys Or maybe like a bird breaking out of an egg What are we going to do with this world? Or maybe like your neighbor knocking on your door in the middle of the day Oh there it is Ya every day seems like a dream to me man The dream turned on Ya you can't take that away Ah the dream, expanding the dream Oh yeah, there's the dream man It's inside your brain So I'm getting my hooks out And to hold on to that wall Climb to the top and then knock it down Ride the scree as it rumbles around. We've only got one thing to say So Ya Man, you know what we want Bring it back! Bring on the hi-hat! Bring it back! Bring on the hi-hat! Bring it back! Bring on the hi-hat Bring it back! Get your drums and your saxophone and get out come on get out of here You kids get out of here...
Out of my ear.
Same Game 01:15
Its the same game The same fuckin' deal There's nothing that fuckin' changes man Same way you look at it Its the same game The same fuckin' deal There's nothing that fuckin' changes man Nothing at all, nothin' at all.
Hoobie do dah Do dah day
I don't know? The carpeting sucks!
Voice 1: "Drug use among 4th grades has gone down surprisingly as the number of 2nd graders has gone up!" Voice 2: "Here we go again." Voice 3: "...and read the graffiti...and read."
The grey beefy clouds The grey beefy clouds Hung like Jesus hiding Jesus hiding The Grand AMs from the sun
Psychoid 00:54
Psychoid...psychoid. I really don't think we should. We see his multiple personalities coming out again. My opinion, no offense to you. See that goes against all my integrity. He considered himself someone else when he is talking about himself.


A collection of short songs whose samples were recorded between the years of 1988 to 2013. The samples come from my personal recording library of musicians that I have collaborated with over the years. Musicians are arbitrarily mixed together to form new pieces even though sessions were recorded years apart.

The media type used to record music throughout the years has changed. Media sources used were cassette tape, 1/2" reel-to-reel tape, DAT tape, CD, and finally digital files.

This album was realized using the SAMPLR app for iOS.


released July 1, 2014

Major contributors to sample sources providing tracks from more than one recording session are:

Randy Sanders, Paul Baker, Rik Steenburgh, Happy Chichester, Jacob Wood, John Olsen, Tony Jacobs, Amelia Volini, Jeff McKinney, Ben Pridgeon, David Myers, Vincent Falcone, and Roger "Kent" Grosswiler.

I extend thanks to all the others who also attended recording sessions and ended up in the mix as well.


all rights reserved



Atomic Perception Columbus, Ohio

Singer Song Writer, Recording Artist.

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