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The Automation Government Bot

from Songs To The World by Atomic Perception

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Hey there, hey there, there you are
Hey you've come back again, I don't believe it man
What is this like the third the seventh the ninth
The third the seven the ninth, the third the seventh the ninth.
Yes I am talking about the harmonic progression in this kind of mood of music

You've got the three, you've got the seven, you've got the nine, you've got a two
You've got a one and then there's heaven and then there's you and then there's you
You've got three, you've got seven, you've got nine, you've got two
You've got one in the ocean, that is me and I'm swimming, I'm swimming along

Yeah man I just turned on another track and its got some kind of beat
Yeah I love to turn on some more tracks until you feel the heat
Yeah this is what I really am I was surprised to discover that this is how I think
Yeah I know you, I knew you, I knew you but then you say
I don't know you, don't know, don't know you so go away
But I am a friend and I'm one to the end

Every time I see you in the morning sometimes when I see you today
You know I'd love to wake up beside you and then we'll have some pancakes
But we all have a flower so we all have the power
Yes we all have the flower you know we all have the power to say...
Automation Government Bot - Automation Government Bot
The Automation Government Bot - The Automation Government Bot

I think we all figured out how to be happy
Yeah we just have to let ourselves go and sing into the world, just sing into the world
Sometime the world doesn't want you song and sometime the girl don't want your ____
But you have to deliver the song
So how do you deliver the song when the worlds in your way and you're all in the bed
How can you tell this apart, tear it apart, tear it apart, tear it apart now its time for
Yah man this is time where we say check it
Check, check, check check check it again
Sometimes we throw in again like check it again, check it again, check it again.
Then sometimes we make code references like if then else, if then else, if then else
You've got to program for the else man, you don't program for the else what else we gonna have
Santa has his elves
Yah sometimes I live in the community but most of the time I live by myself
So I'm singing in my basement with a big letter on the wall
And there is a painting my face that I am looking at
And then there's a cutout made of wood on a shelf
And there's a tripod flashlight that I like very much because it is LED and it stays on for a long, long time
I mean like I got it for year and I use it all the time but those little batteries they really, really work
The LED technology it really seems to be energy efficient but I have gone enough...enough
Yeah but this flashlight is really cool because it has a tripod and in each one of the legs there's a chamber for batteries
And sometimes you can take batteries out of chambers and the flashlight still works
Man that's amazing. Oh its amazing, yeah a man sings, oh it's amazing

Sometimes when you fight a beat you've got to take a step back
Let the song breathe, it can go on it's own for a beat or three
You don't have to fill it all, sometimes its better when there's gaps
You don't have to fill it all with a check it this and a check it like that
See those people at the sound board they've already checked it before you begin
That's why they call it a sound check so you don't have to check it again
That's the reason they call it a sound check so when you're singing you don't have to check it again
But there's that's the reason that it's called a sound check you don't have to check it again
So I'm off to day, I'm on my way, I'm going to sing today
Yeah I'm just movin' along and there's nothin' in my way
What are you?


from Songs To The World, released August 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Atomic Perception Columbus, Ohio

Singer Song Writer, Recording Artist.

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